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Bladder moldings press

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1. Wide application: Suitable for butt joint of T-shaped or L-shaped material in furniture, door and window and decorative moulding instead of air nail gluing process.

2. High production efficiency: Every working face has the same presser foot which can be used for glue joint of T-shaped or L-shaped materials in different specifications only by simple setting.

3. Stable and reliable quality: Flat and smooth worktable and the open design of joint working area are convenient to find and correct mistakes to ensure correct butt joint.

4. Safe operation, environment protection and energy conservation: Freedom from electric drive is good for avoidance of electric damages, reduction of maintenance cost and electric power consumption, so the machine is intrinsically safe.


Technical Parameters:


Model MH1725
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Gas application amount ≧0.14M3/min
Total power for hotting 6.55kw
Max working length 2500mm
Working width 40-120mm
Max working thickness 30mm
Output 300m/h
Overall dimensions 3800*1120*1200mm
Weight 1800kg