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Hollow wooden forming machine

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Main Features:

  1. This machine adopts air pressure principals characterized by a stable motion speed,huge pressure and still pressing.
  2. This machine is equipped with finished precision mold,and it guarantee high jointing precision improve work efficiency.
  3. Full-automatic air control,automatic pressurization and rotating,also improve work efficiency.
  4. Ten-side rotary type machine ,with the working tables,so it can do continuous production,with high work efficiency.


Model MH1025/10
Power source 380V 50Hz
Total power for heating 12Kw
Air source air compression
Working air pressure 0.6 MPa
Compressor capacity ≧0.5M3/min
Max working length 2500mm
Max Working width depend on mold
Max working stroke 20mm
Roatting speed (1-1.2)rpm
Overall dimensions 3900*1700*1750mm
Weight 3550kg