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Hollow wooden forming machine

category: Others

Main Features:

  1. This machine adopts air pressure principals characterized by a stable motion speed,huge pressure and still pressing.

  2. This machine is equipped with finished precision mold,and it guarantee high jointing precision improve work efficiency.

  3. Full-automatic air control,automatic pressurization and rotating,also improve work efficiency.

  4. Ten-side rotary type machine ,with the working tables,so it can do continuous production,with high work efficiency.


                        Power source                        380V 50Hz
                        Total power for heating                        12Kw
Air sourceair compression
                        Working air pressure                        0.6 MPa
Compressor capacity≧0.5M3/min
Max working length2500mm
Max Working widthdepend on mold
Max working stroke20mm
Roatting speed(1-1.2)rpm
Overall dimensions3900*1700*1750mm


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