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MXB3525 Automatic finger shaper for beams

category: Automatic finger shaper series


1.The machine integrates trimming,milling teeth,waste crushing and deburring and other functions into one,trimming,deburring,crushing device and cutting blades are directly fixed to the motor,the cutting position can be adjusted to ensure the verticality of cross-section.

2.The dual high-speed shaft for milling teeth can be adjusted up or down according to actual requirement;the high-speed spindles applies accurate dynamic balance and sealed oil bearings to ensure machining accuracy.

3.Workbench of the manchine adopts imported rails,bearings to make it run smoothly.Rail,bearing has long service life.

4.The timber clamping device,using clamping and pneumatic sensor detection,making it safe and reliable.

5.The workbench is driven by hydraulic cylinder,travel speed can be individually adjusted,the forward speed is adjusted by one-way throttle valva mainly based on cutting amount;the backward includes rapid return and delecration to smooth stop.Additional material supporting device moving with the workbench,the machine has features of high efficiency and low labor intensity.



Max working width500mm
Working thickness20-250
Min working length250mm
Motor power of shaping15kw*2
Shaper spindle diaΦ70
Shaper spindle speed6500rpm
Motor power for cutting-off5.5kw
Cutting-off saw speed2800rpm
Saw blade dia for cutting-offΦ350
Scoring power0.75kw
Scoring saw diaΦ150
Scoring saw speed2800rpm
Hydraulic system power2.2kw
Hydraulic system pressure1-3Mpa
Pressure of air system0.6Mpa
Working table size700 * 650mm
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)3292*1510*1595mm

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